Monday, 14 June 2010

How it started

Here are some photos of the truck immediately after I brought it.

Jim the truck, a Mercedes 1823 cash-in-transit truck from Brinks

Jim the truck and a grinning Nick. A Mercedes 1823 cash-in-transit truck, on the day I bought it from Brinks
The revolving door, whilst a novelty for a few days, was a massive pain in the arse. The front doors (as you can see) are not an easy way to enter or exit the vehicle and so if I was going to use the side door as the primary means of access, I certainly wasnt going to be spinning myself round in a steel tube every time. A few days with an angle grinder had most of it out, the rest waited until I had access to a plasma cutter.

Welcome to my new blog.

I wanted a way to document the slow progress in converting my truck into a motorhome, and eventually the adventures it takes me on.

The truck started life in 2003 as a chassis cab from Mercedes Benz. This was promptly sent to Trumac Specialist Vehicles (now gone bust) in the UK, and converted into a high-security armoured cash-in-transit truck for Brinks.

In 2008 Brinks sold most of their UK vehicles to Loomis on the understanding that (as with all C.I.T. vehicles) they would ultimately be crushed rather than sold. For some unknown reason this one wasn't crushed and so despite my better judgement I was able to buy it!

It is an 18tonne 4x2 1823 Atego with the OM906LA (6.3l diesel) engine and 6 speed gearbox.

I apologise in advance for the slow progress and sporadic updates.