North and Central America

In December of 2013 we shipped Jim from Southampton in the UK, to Brunswick in Georgia, USA. We drove approximately 17,000 miles through America, Mexico and Canada, and eleven months later, we shipped the truck back to Southampton from Baltimore, Maryland.

Detailed posts about our travels are scattered throughout this blog's history, and the best of the photos from our travels are included in those posts. For a greater number of photos of each of the places that we have visited, please look in the galleries linked below.

2013 December 4th Southampton Docks, UK
2013 December 18th Brunswick and Jekyll Island, GA
2013 December 24th Savannah, GA
2013 December 25th St Simmons Island, GA
2013 December 28th Jacksonville, FL
2013 December 29th Cocoa, FL
2013 December 31st Miami
2014 January 5th Key West, FL
2014 January 8th The Everglades, FL
2014 January 11th Sanibel Island, FL
2014 January 16th Black River State Park, FL
2014 January 19th St Rose, LA
2014 January 20th New Orleans, LA
2014 January 21st San Francisco Plantation, LA
2014 January 22nd Lafayette, LA
2014 January 24th Huntsville, TX
2014 January 26th Austin, TX
2014 January 29th Perdnales State Park, TX
2014 February 1st Enchanted Rock State Park, TX
2014 February 5th Pflugerville, TX
2014 February 21st San Antonio Rodeo, TX
2014 February 23rd San Antonio, TX
2014 February 27th John's Ranch, TX
2014 March 3rd Saltillo, MX
2014 March 4th Real De Catorce, MX
2014 March 7th Zacatecas, MX
2014 March 11th Guanajato, MX
2014 March 15th Pinal de Amoles & Cascada el Chuveje, MX
2014 March 16th Xilitla Sculpture Garden, MX
2014 March 17th Teotihuacan, MX
2014 March 21st La Malinche, MX
2014 March 23rd Puebla, MX
2014 March 24th Cantona Ruins, MX
2014 March 26th Catemaco & Los Tuxtlas, MX
2014 March 31st Agua Azul, MX
2014 April 2nd Palenque, MX
2014 April 5th Campeche, MX
2014 April 7th Uxmal & Kabah, MX
2014 April 10th Chichen Itza, MX
2014 April 12th Cenote Suytun, MX
2014 April 15th Rio Lagartos, MX
2014 April 19th Paa Mul, MX
2014 April 22nd Tulum, MX
2014 April 24th Laguna Bacalar, MX
2014 April 25th Centro Conservacion de la Vida Silvestre, MX
2014 April 25th Xpujil, MX
2014 April 28th San Cristobal, MX
2014 April 30th Cascada el Aguacero, MX
2014 May 1st Benito Juarez Lake, MK
2014 May 3rd Oaxaca City, MX
2014 May 8th El Tule, MX
2014 May 9th Finca el Pacifico Coffee, MX
2014 May 9th San Jose del Pacifico, MX
2014 May 10th Zipolite, MX
2014 May 11th Puerto Escondido, MX
2014 May 13th Acapulco, MX
2014 May 15th Nevado de Toluca, MX
2014 May 19th Guadalajara, MX
2014 May 23rd Santa Maria del Oro, MX
2014 May 31st Biosphere 2, AZ
2014 June 1st Apache Trail, AZ
2014 June 5th Prescott, AZ
2014 June 7th Red Rock Crossing, AZ
2014 June 8th Flagstaff, AZ
2014 June 10th Vermilion Cliffs Rock Dwellings, AZ
2014 June 10th Grand Canyon, AZ
2014 June 12th Saddle Mountain Wilderness, AZ
2014 June 14th Zion National Park, UT
2014 June 18th Kolob, UT
2014 June 20th Cedar Breaks, UT
2014 June 21st Bryce Canyon, UT
2014 June 23rd Grand Staircase Escalante, UT
2014 June 24th Capitol Reef, UT
2014 June 25th Henry Mountains, UT
2014 June 26th Lake Powell, UT
2014 June 26th White Canyon, UT
2014 June 27th Natural Bridges, UT
2014 June 28th Cortez, CO
2014 June 29th Mesa Verde, CO
2014 June 30th Animas Forks, CO
2014 June 30th Silverton, CO
2014 July 1st Ouray, CO
2014 July 4th Telluride, CO
2014 July 5th Grand Mesa, CO
2014 July 9th Aspen, CO
2014 July 11th Independence Pass, CO
2014 July 22nd Denver, CO
2014 July 28th Couch Offroad, CO
2014 July 31st Earthroamer, CO
2014 August 1st Roosevelt National Forest, CO
2014 August 3rd Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
2014 August 6th Lake McConaughy, NE
2014 August 7th Heartlands Military Vehicle Museum, NE
2014 August 8th Lincoln, NE
2014 August 9th Omaha, NE
2014 August 11th Des Moines, IA
2014 August 17th Chicago, IL
2014 September 1st Grand Mere State Park, MI
2014 September 4th Gilmore Car Museum, MI
2014 September 10th Toronto, CA
2014 September 16th Niagara Falls, CA
2014 September 17th Letchworth State Park, NY
2014 September 19th Watkins Glen, NY
2014 September 20th Catskills, NY
2014 September 25th Boston, MA
2014 October 1st Massachusetts Coast, MA
2014 October 3rd Providence, RI
2014 October 4th Arcadia Management Area, RI
2014 October 5th New Haven, CT
2014 October 6th New York City, NY
2014 October 15th Philadelphia, PA
2014 October 18th Catoctin Mountain, MD
2014 October 19th Shenandoah National Park, VA
2014 October 22nd Washington DC, VA
2014 October 27th Great Falls National Park, VA
2014 October 27th Baltimore Docks, MD


  1. I just have to say that I love your blog. I love your truck. Jim is very handsome. I also love other kinds of armored trucks and vans. I'm not familiar with this kind but you make it look good. I had no idea people could buy these and turn it into a RV. Would have loved to see this rolling down the streets when you visited NYC.

  2. Normally they crush them when they're finished with them. The company that sold this one had a few of them listed for export only, but the salesman was easily swayed. I actually got a call from a manager at Brinks a year or so after I bought Jim, who was angry that I'd been able to buy it, and seemed nervous about what my intentions were.