Jim the Truck

Born in 2003 to Mercedes Benz, and registered in Yorkshire, Jim was immediately put into the foster care of Trumac specialist vehicles.  During his time with Trumac, Jim developed quickly from a bare chassis cab to a state of the art cash-in-transit truck.

After his short time with Trumac, Jim was adopted by Brinks and given the designation J118. J118 was worked hard, driving 200 miles per day, 7 days per week, for more than 4 years, carrying high value goods from one secure compound to another. In 2007, Brinks sold J118 to Loomis along with some of his brothers and sisters in the Brinks high value goods transport business. Loomis did not recognise J118's potential, and put him up for resale at Junction 6 commercials.

In 2007, J118 was bought by Nick, and his working life was over. J118 was decommissioned as a cash-in-transit truck, and was reborn as a Jim, a portly but beautiful motorhome. During the following years, his life was an easy one, driving short distances to festivals in the UK and Europe, and preparing for a life of travel and adventure.

Mercedes Benz Atego 1823
  • 4x2 drive configuration
  • 4.2m wheelbase
  • 18tonne GVW, 21.5tonne GTW
  • Euro III OM906LA straight 6 diesel engine, 6.4 litre displacement producing 231 bhp
  • G85-6, 6 speed manual gearbox with hydraulic gearshift, bottom ratio 6.70, top ratio 0.73
  • H6 13tonne rear axle, HL4/6 5.22 diff ratio, 440 crown wheel,
  • Air actuated differential lock on rear axle
  • 8tonne front axle
  • Steel leaf springs front and rear, 8.0t front, 11.5t rear
  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • 315/80 tubeless tyres on 22.5x9.00 tapered steel wheels
  • 400 litre aluminium primary diesel tank, 250 litre aluminium auxiliary diesel tank
  • 100a @24v alternator, charging 2 x 12v 220ah batteries
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioning

Accommodation Specification

The total specification of the interior is too large and too boring to include in it's entirety. Below are the key systems.

  • Batteries: 4 x Rolls 6CS170 546ah 6v batteries in series to produce 24v
  • Mains Charger: Victron Skylla 24v/50a universal input battery charger
  • Solar Panels: 8 x 100w BLD Solar panels in two sets of four series panels
  • Solar Regulator: Morningstar Tristar  45aMPPT regulator
  • Split Charge Controller: Sterling 30a battery-to-battery charger
  • DC Converter: Victron Orion 25a 24v to 12v converter
  • Inverter: Studer AJ 1000w 24v to 240v
  • DC distribution: 2 x 11 way Victron ESP Panels
  • AC Distribution: 1 x 4 way Victron ESP Panel
  • AC Protection: 2 x Hager IP55 enclosures with RCD and MCB protection
  • Freshwater Tank: 450 litre inboard plastic
  • Wastewater Tanks: 2 x 65 litre outboard wastewater tanks
  • Hot Water Storage: Quick BX25 25 litre stainless steel hot water calorifier
  • Water Heater: Webasto Thermo Top 50 diesel fired water heater
  • Water Pump: Jabsco Par Max 7 water pump, 40psi and 26.5 litres/minute
  • Water Filter: General Ecology Seagull IV water purifier, 7.6 litres/minute
Heating and Cooling
  • Air Conditioner: Dometic HB2500 floor mounted 240v air conditioner and heater
  • Air Heater: Eberspacher D2 24v diesel fired blown air heater
  • Hydronic Heater: Webasto Thermo Top 50 water heater passing through three radiators
  • Cooker: GN Espace Levante 3 burner hob, grill and oven
  • Fridge: Vitrifrigo C115i 115 litre fridge freezer
  • Toilet: Thetford C400 series cassette toilet
  • Shower: Generic thermostatic bar shower
  • Generic fold-down sink, vanity unit and shower tray
Audio System:
  • Speakers: 2 x Volt 8inch coaxial drivers built into custom enclosures
  • Subwoofer: 1 x BMS 12inch driver built into custom enclosure
  • Amplifiers: 2 x Pyle Audio PLTA180 800w 24v amplifiers
  • Headunit: Bosch Calais USB 24V
  • Processor: Boss AVA-1208 EQ and crossover