Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Still Waiting...

I was hoping that my next blog post would be about how we spent Christmas day parked on the beach, drinking wine on Jim's veranda. Sadly this isn't going to happen; the boat carrying Jim was delayed again and despite Jim now being in Brunswick, the port is now shut until the 26th and so the earliest we will be able collect him is Thursday.

To save some money we dropped off the hire car, and so for the last 5 days we've been limited to a walking distance radius from the interstate intersection that we're staying on. On the plus side, we have a multitude of fine establishments to experience within a half mile radius, including two burger chains, two sub/sandwich chains, a fried chicken chain, two BBQ chains, a seafood chain, a pancake chain, five gas stations minimarkets, and six motel/hotel chains.

To save more money we've downgraded from a $70/night hotel, to a $40/night motel. Merry bloody Christmas!

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